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Genesis and Road Map

26 Sep

“How about reading and discussing books related to Sikhism? How about a Sikh Book Club?” The idea was floated two weeks back in a parking lot and had two takers.

A quick search on the internet did not turn up information about existing Sikh Book Clubs. This raised two questions: does it mean that there are no Sikh Book Clubs out there? Or is it just that we don’t have information about the Sikh Book Clubs that are out there?

If we succeed in starting such a book club here in Massachusetts, it would be helpful to others (I assume) if we share information about our book club. Hence this blog.

Hopefully, once we get going, we may post on this blog some book reviews, recommendations for interesting books, links to relevant resources on the net, as well seek information about sikhi-related books from others readers. The idea is to create a rich resource for Sikh book lovers.

By next week, we should have our initial reading list. Meanwhile, if any of you out there have any suggestions or book-recommendations, please share them with us.