First Meeting

7 Dec

We had our first meeting of the book club last evening.

Tired eyes looked at each other. Sagging backs sought the comfort of cushions. It was clear that bodies had stayed up the previous night, perhaps all of the night, to finish the book for the discussion. The student syndrome is well alive. Some bodies didn’t even show up. “I am in the same boat as you are” kind-of assurances went around. And so too – “It gets better from the second book onwards as we start getting an idea how to pace our reading.” You betcha. (Sorry Palin!). chinese-to-go

C, who was co-hosting the meeting, arrived with Chinese food for dinner and expressed shock on learning about the first round of snacks underway.

C: “Did you feed them?”
S: “Yes. Peanut butter.”
C: “Why peanut butter? There is so much other stuff that we want to get rid off!”

The reason why C was concerned about us gorging on peanut butter – (I learned this as we walked down to fetch still more bags of the Chinese food from C’s car) – was not for what it would do to us but for what we were doing to his stock of favorite peanut butter!

limca-logo“Book club meetings and junk food fest go together”, S stated as a matter-of-fact.
You haven’t seen the junk fest yet, I sighed. When I start talking about the book, it will be a junk fest on a carnival scale.
“By the way I also got Limca”, C announced, upon which I had no qualms about sucking up to him for the rest of the evening.

“So, who is going to talk about the book?”
“Aren’t we all supposed to?”
“Er, yes.”

And we did. Chomp Chomp. Talk Talk. Chomp Talk. Talk Chomp. Until H pointed out the need to keep an eye on the clock.

“I say we wrap it up by 9:50.”
“Why 9:50? Why not 10:00?”
“Alright. 10:00 then.”

And we we were quite good about it, though we wanted to continue. Well, I’m speaking just for myself here.

We concluded with suggestions for the next reading and for the next meeting.

Next reading: We are soliciting suggestions for our next reading. After a book on history this month, some of us are in the mood for a non-history topic for the next read. Also something lighter. (Cunningham’s History of the Sikhs was, admittedly, somewhat intense for the first read.)  And preferably by a Sikh author.

Two books have been suggested:

  1. Spirit Born People by Prof. Puran Singh.
  2. Role and Status of Women in Sikhism by Dr. M.K. Gill

I’ll have a separate post with links to some information about these books though I am pretty sure many of you may already be aware of – and might have even read – the first book. Meanwhile, if you know of some other books that you think may be good choice for the next reading, join the discussion and let us know about it.

Next meeting: The tentative date for the next meeting is Jan 3 or Jan 10. (Either is a Saturday). Let us know your preference.

Also, some notes from our book discussion last evening will be up soon.


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