Second Meeting: A Productive Engagement

20 Jan

I have been thinking about our last book club meeting in which we discussed the book, Spirit Born People by Prof. Puran Singh. We are now getting better at this. This time we had a moderator – Supreet – who even got us some printed notes (which rhymes with ‘quotes’) that she used as discussion points. This time we also had Inderpreet – finally! – and between those two, we had people who had read that book several times over. This time Harvinder and I read the whole book. And this time we had Simran eluding the discussion by bribing us with awesome bread rolls. The discussion was helpful: it clarified some doubts but also raised more questions that I have been thinking about since. (putting them up in my next post).

That evening, despite having formally wrapped up the discussion, despite the impending snowstorm, and despite being assured that we didn’t really need the pretext of a discussion to continue gorging on those bread rolls, we continued our discussion well into the evening, which was good but – this I realized later – we missed the opportunity to do Rehras Sahib together. The discussion also spurred Inderpreet to update his blog. And as a breakthrough, it has also subsequently spawned off a discussion about getting the infant Sikh book clubs in different cities of the US  to collaborate and coordinate on their readings and resources.

After reading the book, Spirit Born people, I must have been in high spirits, even mistaking my flight from NY to Bombay for a spiritual flight. And on a spiritual flight, one is moved to share with others the bliss of experiencing the higher ground. Perhaps this subconscious desire must have been the reason I left that book in the plane for other elevated souls to read. (Some may simply say that I forgot the book in the plane; either way, Supreet, now I owe you a copy of Spirit Born People.)

Sharing some notes from our discussion in my next post.


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