Garland Around My Neck

24 Sep

We are meeting at Supreet’s apt on Oct 3 Oct-17 Nov-21 for the September book reading discussion. The book we are reading is ‘Garland around my neck’, written by Patwant Singh and Harinder Kaur Sekhon."Bhagat Puran Singh"

You can check out some reviews and summaries of the book here:

  1. On Sikhiwiki
  2. On SikhChic

Here is the link to the website of Pingalwara Society that Bhagat Puran Singh founded for physically and mentally challenged members of the larger society.

*Update: We are moving the meet from Oct 3 to Oct-17.  Some folks are still awaiting the book in their mail. Technically this becomes an October book read, I guess.

**Update 2: With Kirtan, celebrations, etc happening on the evening of 17th, the book discussion has been moved to Nov 21.  This reading period has really stretched out. For some of us who are wont to make excuses for not completing our readings, the extension rules out that excuse. 🙂


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