Purpose of this Blog: This blog acts as a resource for both members and non-members of this book club. By members we mean those who are part of the reading group that meets once a month to discuss the common book they have read for that month.

For members, this blog allows them to:

  • Share their views on the books being read even if they are unable to attend a meeting
  • Raise issues or questions for fellow readers to contemplate while reading the book
  • Seek help from other members to understand a particular topic or concept crucial to the further reading of the book
  • Find updates on times and places for the meetings
  • Suggest topics or books for the reading list

For non-members, this blog allows them to:

  • Join the online discussion of the books or topics being covered
  • Find other online resources that provide Sikh book reviews, discussions, and summaries in addition to books that can be downloaded online
  • Serve as a point of reference for other Sikh Book Clubs coming up in other parts of the world

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