On this page, you will find links to all previous postings, categorized under each month’s reading. Each link will open up the corresponding blog posting.


Below are links to conversations we have had about books/articles read so far.

Mar-April 2010 – Dasam Granth & the Controversy

  1. Next Reading: Dasam Granth & the Controversy (links to readings)
  2. A Dasam Granth Weekend
  3. Dasam Granth Convo continued …

OCTOBER 2010 – Garland Around My Neck

  1. Garland Around My Neck (about the reading)

JUNE 2009 – Singh Sabha Movement

  1. June Reading: Singh Sabha Movement (links to readings)
  2. The Next Discussion is a Workshop (about the format and venue for the discussion)
  3. Agenda for the Discussion

MAY 2009 – The Golden Temple: Its Theo-political Status
  1. The Golden Temple: Its Theo-Political Status

MARCH 2009 – Guru Nanak and His Mission (article)

  1. Guru Nanak and his Mission


FEBRUARY 2009 – “A Bitter Harvest” by Bryan Newman

  1. A Bitter Harvest by Bryan Newman ( (Links to the main article plus supplemental readings)
  2. Blues of the Green Revolution (responding to the reading plus taking a step towards action)


DECEMBER 2008 – Spirit Born People by Prof. Puran Singh

  1. Information about the book and author (Plus links to some downloads)
  2. Cow-dung on the wall (indulging in some intellectual entertainment)
  3. Finally! A serious disagreement (disagreeing with the above entertainment)
  4. My favorite quotes
  5. Second meeting: A productive engagement
  6. Some notes about the book from our book club meeting

NOVEMBER 2008 – Sikhs in History by J.D. Cunningham

  1. First Book
  2. Please Confirm
  3. Some Questions about the Book
  4. First Meeting
  5. Our First Meeting: Some points discussed

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