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Next Reading: Dasam Granth & the Controversy

19 Feb

At our last book club meet, we had decided the next reading would be on the topic of Dasam Granth.  (Rendering the topic timely is Akal Takht’s recent excommunication of Prof. Darshan Singh, raagi and ex-jathedar of Akal Takht, following the latter’s stance on and public actions related to Dasam Granth).

Links to some readings on Dasam Granth for our next book club meet are provided below. To ensure that we do not rely on commentaries alone for our knowledge of Dasam Granth but that we also read it ourselves, we have included link #4 below that gives access to DG (with English translation) on the Internet.


  1. Dasam Granth: Its history” An article by Daljeet Singh (pdf file)
  2. Dasam Granth (from the website SikhiWiki)
  3. Historicity of Dasam Granth” (A report from World Sikh News)
  4. Read Dasam Granth on the web (if this link does not work, try this alternative website)  (However, these two resources either do not provide access to Charirtopakhyan, the part of Dasam Granth that some find controversial, or if provided, the English translation of this section is missing. To read the English translation, follow this link that will take you the relevant page on the SikhiWiki website; once you reach that page, scroll to the bottom of that page and you will find links to English translation of Charitropakhyan) (Let me add here that this translation by Bindra is controversial; however, I could not find links to any other less-controversial translation on the internet. If you do, please post a link in the comment and we will look it up.)
  5. A website with extensive resources (articles, videos, etc) supporting the authenticity and significance of Dasam Granth

As with our previous readings, the purpose this time too is to get educated on a particular aspect of Sikhism – Dasam Granth – and we should take care to not get side tracked by controversies such as the one embroiling Darshan Singh’s excommunication.