Historical – Political

Many of us are familiar with sakhis, dates, and events, but can say very little about the post-Guruship period. However, a closer analysis of this time period reveals that it actually has had a significant influence on the way we understand and practice Sikhi today. Some of the topics that we intend to explore include:

* Evolution of Women’s Role in Society: How did the role of women in Sikh society evolve (or devolve) after the Guruship period?
* What Sikhi traditions and beliefs that we cherish today were actually created during these time periods?
* Singh Sabha Movement: Who were the Singh Sabha reformers and what did they do? What are its contributions to present day state of affairs in the Sikh society?
* Creation and Development of the Rehat Maryada
* Political aspects such as the (de)formation of the Akali Dal in Punjab

Some potential reads:

* History of the Sikhs – J.D. Cunningham
* The Construction of Religious Boundaries: Culture, Identity, and Diversity in the Sikh Tradition – Harjot   Oberoi
* Sikhs – H.W. McLeod


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