Theological – Philosophical

Defining the Sikh religion, how it differs from other religions, and themes of various banis are among the many areas that we can read about. A book club setting will be ideal for exploring and learning about Sikh theology and philosophy, since our understanding of these concepts can be subjective.

Some topics that we may cover:

* Essence of Sikhism
* Meaning and concepts of Hukam, Naam, Guru, Mind, Word in Sikhism.
* Comparative analysis of Sikhism with Hinduism and Islam, and of Sikh Gurus with other prophets
* Sikh worldview on environment, global warming.
* Use of metaphors in Bani
* Debates on Veg-Non-veg, Dasam Granth, etc.
* Concept of Satguru and Vaheguru. Bhakti movement

Some potential reads:

* Spirit Born People by Prof Puran Singh
* Sikhism : A Comparative Study of its Theology and Mysticism by Daljeet Singh


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